Digital Photo re-touching and editing

I can digitally enhance your old and damaged photos so they look like they were when first developed.

This includes removing creases and stains or even complete tears.

I also sharpen and enhance the contrast on faded photos.


Many of us have old photos that have been damaged over the years from being stored out of the protective envelopes in old tins and they become creased and tatty with stains but are too precious to throw away and you don't have the negatives for them anymore.


However these beloved photos often stay in the tin box and only get looked at every now and then as they're too tatty to have on display in frames for all to see which is a shame, these may be family relatives that have sadly passed away and although you'd like to have them on display you feel it disrespctful to display damaged or stained photos of loved ones so keep them hidden away.   


The cost for this service varies on the amount of time it takes me to complete but is charged at £10 per hour.

For example the four photos below cost my client £30 as the time spent overal was just over 3 hours.

If you send an email of the photo you'd like re-touched I will give you a close estimate of cost.

The cost includes printing of the new photos on top quality photo paper and postage.

I also need to have the original photos so that I can scan them at high resolution, they will be returned with your new re-touched copies in a hard backed envelope via recorded delivery.

Below are some examples of photos I've digitally re-touched and edited.


In the above example I had to carefully remove creases and a stain from the face of one of the subject using photo manipulation and also changed the composition by removing the large blank sky area so that it could then be more focused on the subjects while at the same time be enlarged slightly to a modern 6"x4" format instead of the 4"x4" original. 

On the above example a rust stain had covered one of the ladies shoes and car bumper in the original photo but I managed to recreate the bumper and shoe with photo manipulation using the good parts of the original photo as a guide.

In the example above my client wanted the unknown lady (on the right) in the original photo removed and her mother enhanced so I added a section of what looks like a wall or partition and removed the unknown lady while recreating the parts of her mothers dress, I also centralised her mother for better composition, my client was very happy with the results.

Again in this example I changed the overal composition from the 4"x4" original to a modern 6"x4" so it could be enlarged without losing resolution (focus) and makes the subjects more prominent.