Watercolour original paintings

The Cathedral the kiss & the harvest moon

Watercolour painting of Lincoln Cathedral - £250

Jim Clark (natural born racer)

Watercolour painting of Jim Clark in his Lotus 49 - £400

Graham Hill

Watercolour painting of Graham Hill in his Lotus 49b - £400

Whimsical and fun hare paintings that brightens any room.
I can paint these to order in any colour combination you choose.
Framed & mounted watercolour on 300gsm acid free fine art paper.
Great for children's rooms only £60 including delivery.

Sunset Hare #6

Hare in a meadow #3

Hare in a meadow #4

Hare in a meadow #2

Hare in a meadow #7

Mr & Mrs Hare in a meadow #1

Poppy field Hare #1

Lemon sunset Hare #1

What they look like framed and mounted.