Gift Vouchers



Gift vouchers are great to give someone if you know that they would love to have a wonderful portrait of a beloved family member or pet but you do not have access to a photo or you just want to let them choose which photo to use for the portrait.

Gift vouchers can be used as part payment if you would like to contribute towards the cost of a portrait for a friend or loved one and can be ordered by simply using to contact box below.

They are available at £25,£50,£75,£100,£125,£150,£175,£200. just state that you would like a £25 gift voucher for example along with your name and address in the contact box below and i will email back to let you know it's been acknowleged and you will recieve the voucher within 7 days, then when you have recieved the voucher send either a cheque/postal order or call my phone number on the voucher and i will give you my bank details for a bank transfer.

note that the voucher will only become valid when the payment has been made and the funds cleared.

Alternatively simply use the paypal gift voucher option by clicking the  buy gift voucher button below.