Frequently asked questions


Q- How long does it take you to draw my portrait ?

A- An A4 portrait takes between 6 to 8 hours to draw and an A3 from 10 to 15 hours sometimes more.

Q- When will i recieve my portrait from the time you recieve the photo?

A- When i recieve your photo the portrait will in most cases be ready within two weeks and will be sent out to you with your photo in protective packerging upon receipt of full payment.

Q- Can you put two or three subjects from different photo's on the same portrait?

A- Yes this is no problem.

Q- What if i dont like the finished portrait?

A- When i have completed your portrait i will send you a scanned copy via email for you to look at and approve and if you would like me to make any adjustments this can be done at that stage until you are completely satisfyed although thankfully this has never happend yet, I get great feedback with wonderful comments.

Q- What if my circumstances change once you have started work on my portrait and i can no longer pay the full amount on completion?

A- I Know things can happen beyond our control sometimes and i am a very reasonable and understanding person and in certain circumstances i will allow the payment to be made in installments to suite you but full payment must be made before the portrait is sent to you.

Q- Is it only portraits that you draw or can i commission you to draw something else?

A- No i do not just do portraits, i can draw houses,cars,motorbikes or basicly anything you like and if you have something on photo that you want to have drawn then just send me a copy via email and i will get back to you with a quote asap.

Q- What do you base your prices on?

A- Drawing portraits of the quality that i do takes a long time'ie 6-8 hours for an A4 and 10 to 15 hours or more for A3 so my price is worked out in time and roughly translates to just under £10 per hour so it's very good value for money.

Q- How long will my portrait drawing last? and Does it fade or yellow over time?

A- I use only the best quality acid free paper so fading and yellowing will not happen under normal circumstances,however uv light can effect all artwork over time so it is advisable to not keep any artwork in direct strong and prolonged sunlight.

Q- Can you put a portrait on a card or T-shirt design or can you put a photo on a T-shirt or one of my own designs or logos?

A- Yes i can,whatever image you have as long as it is yours and not under copyright to anyone else i can use your image and design a T-shirt or card for you with any text you want on it aswell, I will upload it to redbubble so you can purchase the product that you desire, I will recieve a small percentage of the payment from ther maker as commission but will not charge you for the designing itself, I can also design iPhone and iPod cases for you as well.


If there is any question not covered in my FAQs then please feel free to ask me anything by using my contact Chris button found on the home page.