About me

Born on feb 13th 1969 in East London England and have been living in Gainborough Lincolnshire sinse 2002.
I have been a lover of art all my life and have always enjoyed drawing and painting and learning new techniques to improve what I do.
I'm basicly self taught although I left school with the highest obtainable level grade in art which was GCSE grade 1 back then and have read countless book's on drawing and painting.
For a long time art was just a hobby of mine and I would practice in my spare time and do drawings for family and friends while working as a photocopier engineer in London.
What gives me the most enjoyment in drawing a portrait for someone is the wonderfull feedback I get from them when they recieve thier portrait and the joy it brings them.
A portrait say's so much more about the person or animal than a photo can portray, hand drawn portraits capture a momment in time forever and will have a special place in your family's heart for generations to come.
Art is like a therapy for me and a day hardly goes by without me drawing or painting something and whenever I get the chance I will go out with my camera and take some shots which I will often use for work in other way's like digital photo manipulation or to paint and create tee shirts among other thing's. 
Since uploading my work online at redbubble.com and FineArt America.com I have had many of my works featured and won numerous competitions and awards.
I have also exhibitited work locally in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire and it has been highly commended by some of the most respected artist's and art critics in the country.

Painting an oil on canvas in my studio

Me at the Steep hill artist market in Lincoln

If you live near Lincoln then please come see me at the market, 1st saturday of every month March through to December.

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